Few watercolours.

Koi fish.
Watercolour on handmade paper.

Watercolour on handmade paper.

Beauty of Nepal.
Watercolour on handmade paper.

Birthday Roses.
Watercolour, acrylic(splatters) on cartridge paper.

Welcome 2014!!

Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous 2014. Enjoy every single moment. The good, bad, beautiful, ugly, inspiring, the not-so-glamorous moments, taste experience to the utmost. This year reach out without fear for a newer and richer experience. 
I have made up no resolutions for this year. I'm gonna make sure I live on daily basis, minding that every day is the best day in the year. So that by end of the year I will have to only count all the amazing people I have met, my tours, exciting hangouts, experiences and a year full of fun. I know life changes, time doesn't stop for anybody, but then worrying about something that is yet to happen is not the cure. Hoping for best days ahead. Here’s my last painting I did for 2013. Acrylic on canvas. 


Illustration title- She's a Woolen yarn.
Media used- Watercolor and black pen on paper.
The Illustration I did few days back. So, the basic concept is about a girls wandering thoughts, just as complicated as a woolen yarn. Wandering thoughts as butterflies and yarn for intrication, though these are best self explanatory elements.
Have a good day. :)

Plein air

Every weekend is to be a outdoor session with my fellow artists. Last Sunday we all went to Lalbagh, chose our element of interest and practiced watercolor. I wanted to try something challenging, if not the subject then may be the view/perspective. I painted this tree which stood tall above me, i knew that one get perspective right only until  the experience is practical & I'm very bad at it. So, this was challenging and the end result was satisfying as well. 

Fly away (tradigital art)

How did i work on this-
On the left- is a illustration made using black gel pen.
On the right- I scanned the illustration and added intense colors to give it a pop look. I used simple default brushes, and burn/dodge tool for some color correction.
So basically i used both traditional and digital technique, hence you can call it a tradigital work(art that combines both traditional and computer-based techniques to create an image.) It was very exciting for me to experiment and play around in PS. I hope you'll enjoy my work as much as i did while creating it. 

Another watercolor.

The watercolor i did last night, what's new? the paper that i had never worked on before. My other artist friend suggested me to try different types of paper and paper thickness. So, currently shifting from handmade paper which was about 120 gsm to fabriano watercolor paper, which is 300 gsm.  Damn, so many things in this tiny world and sometimes what looks easy is not so-easy :P I will try posting the tools and techniques that i use for my next upcoming works. Till then celebrate colors of life. Have a good day :)

Charcoal portrait: Rachel Weisz.

Here it is, my second charcoal portrait. Materials used- black and white charcoal powder, 8B staedtler and white glass marker on grey canson paper. Time- approx 4-5 hours.