pen down.

Here are some of my old sketch works (approx one year back), 
Media- sketch pen and marker.
Size- 14x19'

Title- Music is life

Title- Colorful joy

Title- complication 

Sketches, sketches and, sketches

Title- Discussion.
A rough one done in sketch book recently. Approximately around one and half hour it took me to complete.

Title- Devotion.
An oldie, year back done for my BFA assignment.

The same sketch in different angle.

Pattern study, trying to learn how to convert realistic into modern.

Tiger crossing

An abstract Tiger crossings.
Form- abstract.
Media- watercolor and pencil on paper.

Star cluster

Title- star cluster.
Media- mixed media on paper.
Size- 8.2 x 11"

Too cold, too mysterious...
some glorious, some silly,
some bright, some colorful,
some shy, some extrovert.
what makes one different makes one beautiful.

Leena (ocean of eternal love)

Acrylic painting.. 7/10/2012.

Title- Leena (ocean of eternal love)
Media- acrylic.

This piece of art was originally inspired by my friend leena, a simple girl in her own dreamy world, faked by many, broken a little inside and a very beautiful soul. Later this concept went on to greater extend from Meera to Radha to Abhisarika Nayika when being asked to put forth my friends own opinions on facebook. 

Perhaps i was trying to exaggerate the features and emotions, Now after discussing on this concept i came out with new one- The concept of "Ashta Nayika", the eight types of nayikas (heroines) as classified by Bharata in his sanskrit thesis on Natya Shastra.

I will be soon posting my new series  Ashta Nayikas (ocean of emotions).


Some try on water color illustration, the concept is as simple as a GIRL, LOL ;)

Playing with color scheme in PS


Indian deity of good luck.



I was just trying out some water color techniques in my rough book..

Hope that never dies.

Title- HOPE. (Hope never dies)
Size- 20x60".

mY lITtLe BuNny.

Media- Acrylic on paper.
Style- Modern Art.

Green Forest, Green Snake.

Click on the image for a larger view

Blue Bird's Composition.

click on the image for a larger view

Nature composition. 
Media- water color on paper.
In all things of nature there is something marvelous,  pink and red flowers have always been my favorites. 
This is my first composition with water color, my expectations were not so confident when i started but later on i was very happy with the output.