Leena (ocean of eternal love)

Acrylic painting.. 7/10/2012.

Title- Leena (ocean of eternal love)
Media- acrylic.

This piece of art was originally inspired by my friend leena, a simple girl in her own dreamy world, faked by many, broken a little inside and a very beautiful soul. Later this concept went on to greater extend from Meera to Radha to Abhisarika Nayika when being asked to put forth my friends own opinions on facebook. 

Perhaps i was trying to exaggerate the features and emotions, Now after discussing on this concept i came out with new one- The concept of "Ashta Nayika", the eight types of nayikas (heroines) as classified by Bharata in his sanskrit thesis on Natya Shastra.

I will be soon posting my new series  Ashta Nayikas (ocean of emotions).