Few acrylics i haven't shared before.

All of them are Acrylic on paper. Except the first one rest two are my very recent works i did for my BFA assignment. Leave your comments and feedback in comments section.
Title of the paper was- Pictorial composition.Form- Modern art.

Himalayan cliffs.

Watercolor on handmade paper.

Street painting.

 Both of these scenes are streets of varanasi. Look how colorful is each and every corner of India. 
Media- Acrylic on paper
Dimensions- 14"x18".

Pictorial composition.

Fluttering up my dead blog, i know AGAIN i was away for a long time. For now only this piece of art, lot more coming up ;)
this was a quick study using knife, dry brush and finger.
Title- Sea side fishing.
Form- Contemporary/ Modern.
Medium- Acrylic on paper.