Another watercolor.

The watercolor i did last night, what's new? the paper that i had never worked on before. My other artist friend suggested me to try different types of paper and paper thickness. So, currently shifting from handmade paper which was about 120 gsm to fabriano watercolor paper, which is 300 gsm.  Damn, so many things in this tiny world and sometimes what looks easy is not so-easy :P I will try posting the tools and techniques that i use for my next upcoming works. Till then celebrate colors of life. Have a good day :)

Charcoal portrait: Rachel Weisz.

Here it is, my second charcoal portrait. Materials used- black and white charcoal powder, 8B staedtler and white glass marker on grey canson paper. Time- approx 4-5 hours.

Birthday roses

It was an elongated birthday celebration this time, and these sweet flowers made it even more special. They are so adorable that i couldn't resist myself from doing a couple of live sketches and watercolor painting. I'm trying my best to save them from dying, its already day-3 and pretty bloomed fully. Hope they stay fresh for few more days.