Plain jane to sassy t-shirt

DIY: transforming old tee into a new one.
Hello :) So, i'm so excited about this, can you ever guess that its a 4 year old tee??  It is so annoying to come across some boring and dead tee's every morning in the wardrobe,  dumping them would be one great job, but then, wait. there's nothing so wrong with them i thought, and tadaaaah! i renewed one, my mum helped me though. Shifting a slight focus from canvas and paper to fabric.
Follow these simple steps and start making your own plain jane to super sassy t-shirt
1. Make tiny flowers- here i have used netted cloth for flowers and placed a tiny kundan stone/ any sort of bead in between to give a better look, stitch them firmly instead of  gluing.
2. Paint- since the print on tee went little dull, to make it look even, i repainted those flowers with yellow acrylic paint to match up. (you can use fabric paint as well, i'm much comfortable with acrylics and they are washable).

3. Cut-  give a round/v-shape cut to the neck and sleeves (how ever you like it).
4. Finishing- give final touches, if you want stitch pipping to neck and sleeves or just stretch them and leave, it looks good that way as well.
5. Become a designer and be proud of it.

Have a good day :)